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Jara K

Freelancer Spotlight: Jara K.

ConceptDrop Copywriter Jara K.’s love for words began from the moment she could put letters together. “Both my parents were very verbal people. My mom was an English and German teacher during her career and my dad was a newspaper reporter and editor. So books,...

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Freelancer Spotlight: Laura L.

Laura L.’s first experience with design was through her father, a web developer back in 2000. During the summer after her sixth grade school year, Laura’s dad gave her the task of learning HTML within 24 hours. This lead to the creation of a website...

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Freelancer Spotlight: Meagan M.

Meagan’s enthusiasm for design began with an interest in HTML. She initially hoped to become a programmer, but soon grew interested in design after joining an art class in high school. “I learned that I could create visual stories and that I could also combine...

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Callie H.

Freelancer Spotlight: Callie H.

Callie H., a ConceptDrop Creative, was introduced to design by her uncle after excelling in the subjects of art and photography in school. She landed her first graphic design gig during her second year of college and has now been a designer for 12 years. “After...

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Tiera T.

Freelancer Spotlight: Tiera T.

Tiera T. has been a designer for about six years and decided to take on the profession full-time a little over two years ago. “I started realizing that everything I had been doing as hobbies was all part of graphic design. I started without realizing...

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Getting Started on 3 Online Marketplaces

Starting a Project on 3 Online Marketplaces

As ConceptDrop’s Summer Marketing Intern, I was curious to see a customer’s viewpoint when submitting a project through online creative marketplaces. I decided to compare the project submission process of three companies: 99designs, Upwork, and of course, ConceptDrop. Before beginning, I came up with a...

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Freelancer Spotlight: Coree C.

Coree C. was always involved in artistic activities from drawing to painting as a child and has now been a designer for nearly 20 years, “There is something very freeing about being able to change things around multiple times in a single design, you don’t...

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Gig Economy

What You Need To Know About Gig Economy

The growing popularity of freelancing and outsourcing has caused a recent shift towards a term more recently coined as “gig economy”. Gig economy refers to the work environment associated with short-term “gigs” rather than full-time employment. There are several theories as to why this shift...

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Sertac M.

Freelancer Spotlight: Sertac M.

Sertac M., a ConceptDrop Creative, has been in the design field for 14 years. “I've always had an interest in visuality and how-things-are-made since I was a child. I find it fascinating how powerful and stimulating good design can be.” Throughout his career, he has had...

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