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Spring Cleaning: Logo Edition

When companies are slow to update their brands (i.e. in the form of logos, graphics, websites, posters, apps, etc.), it can hurt the company’s credibility. Branding is important because it is ultimately the first tangible aspect of a company for consumers to recognize. While some franchises...

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Marketing Materials

5 Essential Marketing Materials all Businesses Need

As a marketer, you know how important this role is for your company to function. But what promotional marketing items are specifically contingent and crucial for achieving success? Well, we've gathered a list of essential marketing materials needed for every kind of business, no matter...

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Olympic Medal

Olympic Design, Takes the Gold

The 2018 winter Olympics are in full swing! While we only experience an Olympics every two years, Olympic committees are constantly occupied with event planning and design for future games. As we discussed in our blog post entitled “The 2022 Olympic Logo takes the Gold,”...

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Logos that Pop on the Big Screen

More than one week later, how many of those companies do you still remember from Super Bowl commercials? The Super Bowl is one of the most popular days in the year for advertising. Forget about the game, consumers tune in just for the innovative ads that...

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