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What is ConceptDrop?

ConceptDrop is a marketplace that matches brands with an exclusive community of freelancers.

Why should I join?

Since we handle the logistics, you can focus on creating compelling work. We manage lead generation, payments from clients, and scheduling to make it easy for you to further your freelancing career. We don’t run contests or have hidden
fees. Freelancers are matched and get paid for their work.

What are the types of projects?

As a freelancer for ConceptDrop, you will be creating marketing and sales assets in the form of design, writing, or video production.

How do freelancers get assigned projects?

We will reach out to freelancers with projects that fit their profile, and availability. Once a freelancer accepts an assignment, we will send a project-specific description and creative brief.

What is the vetting process?

Freelancers must apply to receive access to ConceptDrop projects. Please submit the application through our website. All freelancers are reviewed by ConceptDrop. Unfortunately, we can only accept a small percentage of applicants.

How do I get paid?

We work with Stripe as our payment processor. Once a freelancer accepts an assignment, ConceptDrop collects the project fees from the client. Once the project is completed, the freelancer is paid. You will be paid exactly what is listed in your offer email.