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Advantages Of Social Media Use In Business

When looking to expand connections in any business, social media is the first place that comes to mind, whether with people on TikTok, influencers, and small businesses on Facebook and Instagram. If social media is used wisely, it may be quite successful. Those platforms possess everything...

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Recent Social Media Trends You Should Know About

This year's social media trends are simple to predict; we only need the data. Performance and consumer preference data can paint the year ahead. We're not discussing future TikTok hits.  The 60% of organizations that use social data daily are halfway there. This article will discuss...

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Blogging Benefits

5 Benefits of Blogging

All businesses, no matter their size, should have a well-maintained blog as a key part of their marketing strategy. We have compiled a list of reasons as to why frequently blogging is beneficial for your company. 1. Improve SEO When it comes to search engine rankings, the...

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Marketing Holidays

How to Use Holidays as a Marketing Strategy

Whether there are celebrations of a well- known occasion such as Memorial Day or more out of the ordinary like National Donut Day, marketers have plenty of holidays to playoff of and incorporate into their marketing efforts. Utilizing these holidays provides an opportunity to creatively...

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IGTV and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Last Wednesday, Instagram introduced a new feature, Instagram TV (IGTV). The new addition to the popular social media platform, also available through its own app, allows users to create videos up to an hour in length and has dimensions specific for viewing on smartphones. How...

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Guide to Selecting Social Images

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Social Images

We live in a very visual world. Social Media Today sited speaker Allen Klein, who stated that “80% of what people learn is visual.” Later they claimed, “Hubspot also reported, after analyzing 8,000 different posts from B2C and B2B companies, that Facebook statuses with images...

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International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2018

In case you didn’t know, March 8th is International Women’s Day: a day to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. At ConceptDrop, we love to highlight our creatives and creative professionals. So, in honor of this celebratory day, we decided to feature a few outstanding...

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Marketing Materials

5 Essential Marketing Materials all Businesses Need

As a marketer, you know how important this role is for your company to function. But what promotional marketing items are specifically contingent and crucial for achieving success? Well, we've gathered a list of essential marketing materials needed for every kind of business, no matter...

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