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Enterprise Marketing Guide to A.I.

The Beginners Guide It seems like artificial intelligence is everywhere we go. As an enterprise marketer, your job spans multiple functions and channels, so it’s crucial you understand what A.I. is and how you can use it. Artificial intelligence is everywhere we go. (Source: So, what...

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Freelancer Spotlight: Amy C.

Amy C., a ConceptDrop copywriter, has always enjoyed writing, but struggled finding a job out of college as an aspiring novelist. “Getting into advertising and marketing seemed like the perfect way to use my craft to earn a living.” Her career of 18 years in...

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5 Skillshare Videos for Improving Your Business

Skillshare is an online platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to learn new skills through instructional and demonstrative videos. These educational courses range in topics such as business, teaching, technology, design and more. The platform’s pricing is subscription based, just like Netflix or Spotify,...

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Jara K

Freelancer Spotlight: Jara K.

ConceptDrop Copywriter Jara K.’s love for words began from the moment she could put letters together. “Both my parents were very verbal people. My mom was an English and German teacher during her career and my dad was a newspaper reporter and editor. So books,...

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UX vs UI

Understanding UX and UI

It’s essential to understand the difference between UX and UI in any field of business. Despite their simple titles, the difference between the two is a bit more complex and both work closely together to achieve a quality product or service. The following blog will...

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